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Congratulations to zhangzhou letter crowne plaza and Carl cooperation

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Congratulations to zhangzhou letter crowne plaza and Carl cooperation_Success case_Carlway Leather


Congratulations to zhangzhou letter crowne plaza and Carl cooperation




Zhangzhou melting letter crowne plaza is located in fujian province, is the intercontinental hotel management co., LTD., brand, brand zhangzhou melting letter crown after Spring Festival

Holiday inn specialise in the stage, at the beginning of April in zhangzhou crowne plaza integrating letter is responsible for personnel find Karl, through search, 360 hotel rooms leather goods

Free hotline to find Karl wei's staff, through negotiations, didn't know Mr Wei is the only Chinese professional custom hotel rooms leather goods, office

, gift leather goods company, Mr Wei also took about fujian cooperation cases as well as the cooperation of famous hotel case for your company, after communication

In Carl sample customized a square of tissue box, but before the custom in order to ensure that the product produced, the effect of customer asked to see pictures, so I

The beauty of the contact Karl wei xiaohong, immediately make a copy of hotel rooms leather paper towel box of rendering, after rendering, find your company LOGO design

Is big to change LOGO design, after a few minutes later, rendering out, but you don't think brown tissue box shows the expensive

Company's momentum, and modify the color of the products again, Karl wei made a best black plain hot stamping cortical tissue box rendering, your company is very full

Meaning, and Carl custom five hundred cortical tissue box, pleasant cooperation with Karl wei.



In after making five hundred tissue box, send logistics process, appeared a little accident, cause leather tissue box damaged 15, Karl wei know

Questions, the first time contact with zhangzhou crowne plaza integrating letter, sound and Karl says are responsible for what, because it is Carl choice of logistics, also

Karl, there is responsibility, Karl said to make fifteen tissue box to compensate for your company.




In zhangzhou melting letter crown holiday hotel, after receipt of the product use half a month to Carl said product quality than ever zhangzhou melt crowne plaza hotel in another letter

Manufacturer of custom products better, a big advantage from the work has been, and the material is better than the domestic many hotels leather manufacturers

Many of Mr Wei and service attitude is approved, Mr Wei's sincerity moved zhangzhou crowne plaza integrating letter, and said it would also choose next time

Carl custom.


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