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Congratulations to Carl, as urban forest smart hotel hotel rooms leather goods supplier

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Congratulations to Carl, as urban forest smart hotel hotel rooms leather goods supplier_Success case_Carlway Leather


Congratulations to Carl, as urban forest smart hotel hotel rooms leather goods supplier



Forest city intelligent hotel is a green ecological hotel, forest city smart hotel want to find a safe green healthy suppliers, because the hotel now skin has some inferior hotel rooms leather added some chemical raw material, the contact for a long time will have a negative impact, so can't find the right company.

Shenzhen Carl leather products co., LTD is a professional custom hotel office gift leather goods, leather goods, leather goods, products are made of high quality, delicate, health, safety, green, both the original and processing ways are safe and healthy, and this happens to outwit the forest city intelligent hotel demand, urban forest smart hotel often in the network to find about safety and health of the hotel rooms leather goods, to Mr Wei is also some understanding, this month is a forest city smart hotel to purchase some hotel rooms leather goods, nature also choose Carl, contact Mr Wei staff when urban forest smart hotel need to customize your own hotel leather tissue boxes, trays, tea boxes, leather leather remote told Carl, Carl considering the urban intelligent hotel is the original ecological forest, green, healthy hotels, has designed a high-grade hotel rooms of the skin is suit, white and brown spell leather highlighted the hotel green, health, and reveal the hotel pure leather, Mr Wei for urban forest smart hotel design which make your company is very satisfied, the second Karl wei also introduces the materials used in the product is safe and healthy PU leather, paste the glue is healthy without peculiar smell of leather all-purpose adhesive, etc....

After hearing Karl wei introduced material, forest city smart hotels do not have any doubt, then in Carl wei custom hotel rooms leather suit, cortical tissue boxes, trays, tea boxes, remote controls, all three of the work, the production process is very serious, make sure that tissue box, tea box, tray, remote control quality and correct, 15 days after the forest city smart hotel said very satisfied after receipt of the customization of hotel rooms leather goods, forest city smart hotel designated Carl for hotel rooms leather goods supplier




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