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Cleaning and maintenance method of alarm clocks in the rooms?

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Alarm clocks are small items in the hotel room amenities, both to indicate time, and according to predetermined moment suggests that they should be doing things.Alarm clocks can be divided into mechanical and quartz electronic two group, alarm cleaning and maintenance can not only prolong the life of alarm clock also can better play its true power.

The steps:1: to regularly with a damp cloth or paper towels to wipe, and dry cloth to wipe dry, avoid dust damage the part.

2: didn‘t clean it up for too long a period of time, preferably with appropriate amount of detergent, but must be cleaned to avoid residual detergent to remain on the surface, even penetrating into the table.

3: regularly with a dry cloth, brush or hair ornaments or clock of the dust to clean.

4: must not get wet, stained from sweat or oil, avoid damaging the movement.

5: avoid placement in high temperatures, where excessive humidity.

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