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Carlway tells you how to clean leather stains

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A grease disposal 1 products in cleaning detergent available directly wash oil at. Red dark fabrics use washing powder brush.2 white fabrics use dilute bleach ( 110 dilution ) directly using a toothbrush to brush oil, can be removed. 3 use detergent soak 10 minutes (per pot of water, add 6 drops of dishwashing liquid, mixing evenly) for conventional treatment. 4cleaning before using oxalic acid diluted with a toothbrush dipped clean pollution, then practice disposal. Ballpoint removalmethod one: the color fabric ballpoint, available 95% alcohol treatment. Method two: before cleaning, use Amway direct brush in handwriting, not cleaning the bathroom, Park 5 minutes after conventional treatment.

Two fabric fade disposal methods (except black fabric ) 1 with concentrated salt water soak for 1 minutes. 2 saline for waterwith soap and water, soft brush uniform light brush. Moldy phenomenon is disposed 40 degrees with warm soapy watersoak for 10 minutes, then the practice of disposal. For white fabric can be used at the soap soaked in water, will be moldy department put them in the sun to dry after 10 minutes, and then practice disposal.

Three fabric dyeing method of disposing method: fabric presenting with severe dyeing denim blue, can clean the soap topollution, with a soft brush Zhanshui Shun cloth gently brushing. Repeated several times, until the staining of desalination,while paying attention to the pollution with rich foam, which can make improvements to general dyeing, dyeing can beremoved completely. Unavailable Jin scrub, lest the fabric appears cottony phenomenon. Method two: 5 drops of Amwayadd half a cup of hot boiling water after reconciling, before cleaning brush staining, until will stain brush light so far, thenpractice disposal.

The four white cloth cleaning method first product traditionally cleaning method is clean, then use the collar net mildaqueous solution, the velvet local cleaned again; the sun must pay attention to the flannel local upward; in case of rainy weather, it is best to use the drying machine. Once again cleaning flannelette site, soap, detergent mild aqueous under mild aqueous also, but the company customer service department by temporarily accumulated experience, noticed that the collarnet in adhere to product color freshness, prevent fading, compared with other cleaning detergent effect is better, so it is recommended that use collar net. Of course, commercial maintenance of decontamination method for many, as long as you love people in daily life, more love, more attention will be if conditions can buy some cleaning supplies, such as Bi Cabernet Franc and cortical decontamination supplies, this only for leather bags, but can also make skin bright colorfuldecontamination.

Five suede products contaminated can be directly with a pencil eraser Yiyang then soft brush hair brush along the direction of plain can be.

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