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Hotel room information

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1, the attendant cleaned the room before formally to make preparations for what, the answer key points: (1) to receive the key (2) preparation of vehicles and goods was ready for a vacuum cleaner (4) determine the cleaning sequence

2, how to control the key in the room service? Please explain the simple. The answer key points: (1) to receive, return the registration (2) job mediator mind today (4) pay attention to the guest key lost registration report. Hotel rooms leather goods

3, single asked one there are several room? Important: three (1) single bed (2) two beds was a double

4, the key points of western-style bed has several major steps: four: (1) pull the bed (2) withdrawal do bed sheet pillowcase (3) according to the program, check the effect (4) the bed back into its place.

5, a hotel room 306 lived a French female guests. Little waiter open beds seriously, a good two beds, set the slippers, open the lamp, he did it right? The answer key points: (1) is wrong, should open a bed (2) the reason is easy to cause the guest misunderstanding

What is 6, evening toilet finishing procedures, please listed in sequence. Simple point: in four steps: (1) wash basin, bathtub, ready and tong (2) to replace the used sanitary products was put mat (4) your feet flat on the bath crock of the lateral and then turn off the lights and shut the door.

Late July and room service room tidy working step is how to? The answer key points: cleaning, complementary goods, make beds, bathroom, inspection, leaving five steps

8, what kind of room clear venom of commonly used agents are there, are listed separately. Answer keys: chlorine yaming, bleaching powder, potassium permanganate, "one hepatitis" qing venom.

9, what is the etiquette, what is polite, Mr S into the store, to say hello to him, the guard into the vestibule, head shook hands with him, welcome. Both is etiquette manners. The answer key points: (1) a form of respect to others for etiquette, exchanges honor, respect, asked hou known as good manners. (2) the former for politeness, the latter for courtesy.

10, floor wax has several steps: please explain respectively. Answer keys: wax, sand, dust, wax and polishing, a total of five steps

11, guest room glass brush try have a few kinds of methods, the applicable which situations. The answer key points: powder brush, water wipe, tide dry cloth to wipe, oil, a total of four.

12, what is the appearance, what is the carriage. From several aspects including the requirements for appearance in the room attendant? The answer key points: (1) person‘s appearance, look for the appearance, people in the communication behavior, attitude, manner for the carriage. (2) mainly includes the sit, stand state, line state, behavior and personal hygiene five aspects of service.

13, housekeeping personal hygiene which should pay attention to several aspects, including what are the requirements for health diet? The answer key points: (1) mental health, food hygiene, the body health (2) before going to work not drinking, do not eat food smell.

14, xiao li workshop in the guest room disinfection, he USES the ratio of 2:3 matchs good chloramine disinfection,, cutting tool, coffee in the cup to soak out flushing after 1 hour, work very seriously, he did it right? Why is that? The answer key points: (1) is wrong, for 1:3 proportion degree, (2) the drug concentration is too big for metal corrosion effect, should not be soaked, wash disinfection as soon as possible.

15, housekeeping at work to grasp what are the main knowledge of etiquette? What is its key points of etiquette? The answer key points: (1) greeting, name, respectful and response, operation manners five (2) pay attention to appearance, manners and respect for the guests in the work. Don‘t touch the guest items.

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