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Business gifts leather goods customized solutions

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Carlway-- professional to undertake high-grade leather, PU, PVC leather gifts custom

Printing company LOGO

Custom business leather goods, leather gifts, conference gifts leather goods, the government gifts leather goods

Enterprise custom gifts leather goods are very popular, is to promote corporate culture.

The establishment of corporate culture specific, vivid form of visual communication, it through theorganization, system of visual program communication enterprise operation features. The establishment of enterprise visual identification system in the process, must apply to reflect the company‘s spirit of enterprise philosophy, has a distinct visual and unique products and services ring, exit image and logo.Business gifts leather goods reflects the company name, logo, logo, can let your customers a preliminaryunderstanding of your company culture, this is a unique way of publicity.                                                                                                        

•current business gifts leather goods category diversification, more than fine, as long as it can be printed logo,homogeneity of many things.

•current business gifts leather goods did not consider with enterprise culture fusion.

•gifts leather goods diversification, cause a lot of gifts received, in home decoration or placed when againtransferred, but not to let their visibility, culture in the recipient community publicity, did not reach theassociation network structure propaganda effect, only a single propaganda points.

•business gifts leather goods in the promotion of enterprise culture, propaganda function substantially reduced,can only be defined as simple souvenirs.

Give customers gifts, gifts are not in size, should allow customers to understand your heart to have him. In order to make the company expressed their gratitude, unapt make gift recipients embarrassment, consolidate, andstrengthen existing good relationship between companies and customers. How business gifts, should hold the following principle:

•according to different subject to gift choice value of different leather gifts.

•under the gift taste different, well-chosen gifts.

• select best gifts of time, a better impression.

•gift leather goods gifts to good quality, strong applicability, durability.

•make leather gifts more private, specificity.

•leather gift packaging should delicate beautiful, attract people.

• by leather gifts uses different gift occasions.

•social fashion seems to have become a common practice. But what is fashion? Fashion is in the particular time slot by a few people, the first attempt that later will provide social public advocate and imitation of life style.Fashion is " time " and " advocate ". In this very simplified sense, fashion is a short period of time, some people are advocating life. This fashion involved in all aspects of life: such as dress, diet, behavior, living, consumption, and even emotional expression and ways of thinking. Kalwe thought that the high-end leather goods gifts custom also should pay attention to fashion appearance, because only the beautiful fashion gifts can let people feel that the intrinsic value of goods. Now Apple whirlwind blowing, in everyone enjoy the fashion trendy electronicconvenience, also consider these parts to add their own personalized imprint, show their characteristics.

•gifts consumption is not only the product itself is more physical attributes, consumer psychological attributes,should highlight is an emotion, a concern.

•gifts consumption need in various communication carrier unified caliber, hand to seize the giver and recipient of the emotional bond between, to cater to; on the other hand in the whole social environment to create a consumer trend and fashion, to form a campaign to boost consumer demand movement.

•gifts consumption and our daily life consumption has certain difference, consumer is more of an emotional consumption, different object, different environment, different backgrounds will lead to differences of consumer gifts. Gifts consumption function consumption and essential difference between, gifts consumption value reflected in the US at the moment, but not in the use and consumption of products of the process

•product lines include: tissue box, wine box, briefcase, writing board, box, IPAD protective sleeve, notes box, paperbox. All the skilled craftsmen hand sewing, and according to the customer request custom, show customer personality, after entering China, the establishment of China division, but also for customers personalized leathercustomized to provide services. In China, mainly for portable electronic products, leather goods business gifts custom.

•adopt the most stringent screening criteria, choose the most superior cortical production. All the a-level. Good quality, strong applicability.

•a distinguished service, fashion personality fully customized service. Private, specificity.

Fully customizable for specific performance:

Product customization of styles

The horizontal and vertical layout customization

③ leather types of custom

The car line color custom

The leather wrapping button color custom

Adhere to the customer‘s ideas embodied in the customized products, were confirmed repeatedly, until the customer satisfaction confirmed!


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