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Carlway teach you how to mass customization process?

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Carlway teach you how to mass customization process?

Must first know the customized product use

Business gifts business gifts

Brand promotion promotion

Conference gifts office supplies

Handbook of marketing / tools / tool function manual

Custom cooperation mode

Design and sample

1, by providing your drawings, samples and ideas, according to drawings and samples custom sample.

In 2, according to the customer demand information and customer preliminary budget, from Division I recommend sampleor samples from customers to choose.

Forms of cooperation

In 1, the first collection of proofing the cost model, after confirmation samples and then signed a contract, payment of deposit, Party production goods; settlement of balance payment before shipment.

In 2, before signing the contract, place an order, proofing to confirm your company, reproduction of large goods, pay off the balance payment before shipment.

Custom process ( according to the volume of customized business process )

1, confirm the product project and order quantity

2, implement the book jacket / hull needs related details

1) models or samples ( loose-leaf, paperback, coil book, along with the )

2) dimension / specification ( 16K, 32K/25K, 48K, 64K )

3) material / material / fabric texture, style, texture and other requirements

3, implement the core concrete demands / requirements

1) the inner core layout style

2) paper, paper texture ( such as the writing is not permeable, surface smoothness), conventional categories are white and beige Dowling paper Shuangjiao Zhi

3) paper grams, 70 grams, 80 grams of conventional etc.

4, confirm the advertisement fabrication methods

1) envelope LOGO production: screen printing, stamping, metal sign

2) page advertisement / production of color pages: provided by the customer for printing designs; for Division I design,requiring additional production costs.

A, simple page layout : personal information and unit conversion, plus a single column edition and advertisement color pages, since the volume of more than 500PCS;

B, complex feature pages layout: Ji and the weekly plan, annual plan and schedule, the number needs to be more than 3000PCS, moq.

5, confirm the demand information, quotation to customer

6, confirm the price, according to customer requirements, once again to confirm the product details, ready for a sample system

1) select and determine material

2) determine the pattern / page style

3) LOGO and color design

7, received the customer‘s confirmation, charge fees proofing orders or sample to deposit, making guests to confirm receipt of customer orders 30% paid a deposit, procurement of materials, production goods.

8, to both sides confirmed the samples as the bulk quality, according to sample production, strictly controlling the quality,finish the delivery

Settle the payment before shipment, shipping inspection.

Need to know more, directly linked to carlway manufacturers, carlway warmly ask your service. Consultation hotline:4000368328

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