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Leather products should be how to care and maintenance

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Natural leather by expose to the weather, dust pollution, such as the effects of rain, hardened cortex, color fade failure;maintenance method is to use a dry towel to wipe clean leather goods on the water and dirt, with leather cleaning fluid toclean up, and then brush a layer of leather brightener. This will make the leather remains soft and comfortable do not overload Sheng leather goods, avoid sharp objects and rough friction damage, avoid in the sun exposure, grilled orextrusion, not close to flammable accessories category do not damp, not close to the acidic substances, will often use a softcloth to avoid scratching, dirt, metamorphic. Leather strong absorption, attention should be paid to pollution, high-grade frosted leather is particularly noteworthy. If there are stains on the leather, with a clean wet cloth dipped in detergent and warm wash, then let it dry naturally. The official use of the former may obscure corners to try. Leather wrinkling, availableiron, temperature can be mastered in a 60 - 70 ℃. Hot to use thin cotton cloth as lining ironing cloth, while constantlymoving iron. Leather lose luster, available leather polish polishing, do not use shoe polish to wipe. General one or two yearslast light, can keep the leather soft and shiny, and prolong the service life. Leather is best used frequently, and commonly used fine cloth wipe. If encountered rain and moisture or mildew, can be used with a soft cloth to wipe off water spots orstains. Such as leather stained with beverage, immediately with a clean cloth or sponge to the dry, and wipe with a damp cloth, let dry naturally, do not use hair dryer cylinder. If stained with grease, can be wiped clean dry cloth, the remaining by the natural dissipation, washing or cleaning agents, can also reduce the talcum powder and chalk dust, must not use waterscrubbing. Leather dress is torn or damaged, shall timely professional repair. If it is a small crack in the rift, Xu little egg,crack can be bonded. Leather can not bake or fire directly on the exposed to sunlight, it will cause the deformation of leather, cracking and fading. Leather goods leather maintenance solution should be used to wipe. But it should be noted that, due to the cortex are different, the best to use when ask if cortex, and in order to maintain the fluid applicator in skinbottom or medial and other strange places, to test whether it can be used. Leather Suede ( deerskin suede, etc.), with a softbrush to remove animal. Usually this kind of leather with oil diffusion juice because of easy and difficult to remove, so stay away from including chewing gum or candy is attached. In the removal of this kind of leather, must gently wipe away, to prevent too much force and make the skin whitening, leaving traces. Patent leather because it is very easy to generate cracks, so use must be particularly careful with her handkerchief, usually only a soft cloth to wipe it. If leather cracks, canwith a cloth with a little special grease, and then gently wipe.Karl wei hotel rooms leather custom expert
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