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The most popular - intrusive social gifts leather goods brand -CARLWAY

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This kind of brand in the gift leather goods channels there are many, here is not illustrated, but rarely have a stable channel network structure and sustained market tension. This kind of social big brand attitude is: gift leather group purchase channels but they company want to extend to the performance of the company‘s annual business, a subsidiary of saying fills, gifts leather goods channels throughout the year all sales may not people in the traditional channel sales of one month, or even a regional monthly sales. That why it into gifts leather goods channels? Because our customers need people are familiar with the major brand products as gifts, no way, leather gift colleagues have to find it, so the results " invite wolves into the house .". Indeed, social brand products to meet us, also meet the needs of our god. They were in the early to enter the gifts leather goods channels, very high-profile meeting, create public opinion to raise the threshold, but the product? Usually only a few paragraphs to 10 come, and it is traditional channel itself some. The meeting said " personalized ", cooperation after the " reason ", and " personalized" only yourself. I think a lot of gifts leather colleagues in recent years has experienced their "face ". Finally, the past few years, the warehouse inventory is sold out, big brands have hundreds of thousands of cash not shipped, may not know what goods. For these big brands, hundreds of thousands of just pediatricians, what‘s the hurry! Finally the possible team changed, the heart is cool, and then the backlog of some goods, finished the balance end. This kind of social brand risk lies in: in the process of cooperation, we need a service? There is provided, but few. We need to brand culture, we need a new product, we need profit space, we need to pave the sample, we need the protection of the market, products, channel conflict, we need to ship the goods in time, we need to direct butt joint factory service personnel, we need the goods damaged replacement policy and so on, direct, family product line service planning, corporate strategic planning is not for you. In fact, this is where they gifts leather group purchase channels to give everyone the vanity, we also meet the fig ‘s vanity.
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