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Hotel leather - recognized industry gifts leather goods brand

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Is recognized all accepted gifts colleagues, but also the most highest humanity, emotion, integrity, loyalty of big brands, are you willing to support object. Because these big brands are and gift industry grow up together, it knows the gift leather people psychological needs, at the same time it also know gift leather people superior to domestication, and with broad mind tolerance with us. Industry brand is more like our loved ones, more often than not, it is also the one of the most vulnerable. Why do you say? Through the next, and you will understand. The most familiar with our, generally is also our most familiar industry big brands. The channels through innovation and change, guide and teach, within the channel competition with each other, promote each other, than team, execution, or occasionally compare prices. At the same time, they also cultivate our, raised us, taught us a lot of skills. Said I don‘t think so, everybody knows what some old qualifications of big brands. Industry brand has many advantages, such as: the new product research and development, the spread of sinking, sufficient stock, the team‘s execution, emotional communication, product library improve and follow up of marketing strategy and so on. But there are also many disadvantages, these disadvantages are due to the particularity of gift leather goods channels, the accumulation of years precipitation down. The first is the inventory, which is only from already know industry brand, because they have no retail stores, for long-term accumulation of inventory is very painful, I think every operator some enterprises even lead to new product development lag, team lack of vigor. Second, the diversification of brands, which leads to the enterprise internal structure chaos, link in operation and logistics lag, stall increases quickly, very quickly enterprises lack the original light and flexibility. At the same time, external crisis shock, the acting team classification, self, no longer yesterday‘s loyalty and cohesion, at this time is the beginning of the gift leather channel improvement and expansion, speed is very alarming. Karl wei hotel rooms leather custom expert. 
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