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  • 高档皮革A4文件收纳柜 商务办公桌面文件资料收纳柜 办公皮具收纳柜 办公用品
  • High-grade leather A4 document receive ark

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  • Size:25.5*33.5*24.5
  • Materials:Pu leather, medium density fiberboard, high quality flannelette
  • Serials:OfficeLeather
  • Materials:Hand Leather series
  • Function:Storage box
  • Factory:
                                      High-grade leather A4 document receive arkCarlway adopt high quality high quality fabrics, wear-resisting, durable, effective against dust, contracted fashion business wind appearance, elegant and exquisite, edge in a natural and fluent car line process, natural and fluent line and white and black collocation more contracted to streamline the feeling of wisdom, delicate texture soft, drapability strong, the style is novel, aging resistant easy to do!Carlway leather features: exquisite craft, all products are pure handmade, fine workmanship and fashionable. Perfect car line process, stitch meticulous, neat delicate. High quality PU leather, texture clear, no peculiar smell, easy to cleanOne of the few high quality environment-friendly materials, products are pure handmade, fine workmanship, fashionable appearance, elegant taste. Non-woven material wear-resisting performance is good, not easy dirty, easy to clean, dirty cloth brushs xian. Large space, toys, books, clothing all good deposit, simple life is so simpleCarlway focused on the hotel office gift leather goods, leather goods, leather goods, size can be customized products, stamping company LOGO, more products, welcome to inquire, 4000-368-328, click on the right side of the QQ online customer service or contact ali wangwang, Carl paper art leather factory, look forward to cooperation with you.
【 Shenzhen Carl about shenzhen Carlway 】 leather packing products co., LTD., is committed to the pursuit of fashionable life of successful people create new ideal office life experience. Carl will provide high quality products and considerate service as a beacon of enterprise survival and development. Carl has a standardized management, full of passion and responsibility of the enterprise team, ready to quick service, high quality and efficiency oriented market, feedback the masses of old and new customers. Company's main business leather goods, leather hotel, office leather goods, fashion gift leather, is high-grade business of leather goods manufacturers, is also a leather custom experts. Carl high-end business leather, adhering to the people-oriented design concept, taste life with Italy, Taiwan island and the three of domestic excellent design team, Mr Wei high-end business leather with its high quality and design fashion with a higher reputation among consumers. Shenzhen Karl wei has fifteen years of business leather design, processing, production, sales experience, professional production and processing, PU, PVC, leather and other leather products in high-grade, at the same time provide gift processing customized services, products include three categories: hotel office gift leather goods, leather goods, leather goods, products cover tissue boxes, service guide, stickies, cosmetic bag, documents, folders, notebooks, pen holder, photo frame, briefcase, tablets, manager folder, wordpad, wine boxes, etc.! Karl wei high-grade leather products business to international standard optimization of PU leather material, match with high quality flannelette, such top material. Carl products fine workmanship, beautiful, can use in the office last novel, luxurious rooms in hotel rooms can ascend. Karl wei business leather suitable for villas, offices, star hotels, senior business club, high-end restaurant. Some products such as paper towel box can also be placed in the car, the trash can also act as a household products. Carl business leather goods are mainly exported to Britain, Denmark, France, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Canada, the United States, Malaysia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. Carl every time interests for the customer, want to know the more information please call immediately Karl wei Karl wei free hotline: 4000-368-328
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