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  • 办公皮具套装9件套|办公文具套装|卡尔威办公套装|高档皮革办公室文具
  • Leather office set 9 piece set | office stationery |carlway office suite

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  • Size:Personalized custom, customized according to the requirements of the guests
  • Materials:PU| flannel | high density board
  • Serials:OfficeLeather
  • Materials:Hand Leather series
  • Function:Other
  • Factory:carlway
可定制logo 欢迎下单。
File holder, desk pad, pen holder, name card holder, memo box, three letter rack, document disc, double box, multifunctional storage box Shenzhen city carlway hotel supplies factory was founded in 1990, after 20 years of efforts not " carlway " brand has become the hotel supplies industry well-known brands, especially leather batch customized service is the first airline in the world. Which hotel rooms leather has been in a leading position in the industry. The factory currently has more than 700 employees, covers an area of 15000 square meters, since the establishment of the company from the beginning committed to hotel rooms and leather goods design, R & D, production. Custom free hotline :4000368328.
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